5 Best News Apps For iPhone

On Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

One of the most useful apps to have on our phone is one for daily news content. Few people find the time to sit and read through many newspapers a day. This can make keeping in touch a difficult thing to do. With the help of these best news apps for iPhone, users no longer need to worry about missing the next breaking news story any longer.

AP Mobile: The AP news app is a simple and wonderful thing to have on your iPhone. It comes with daily, updated news content but it can also sync with your location to provide local news and weather reports. It comes with alerts and notifications for breaking news, photo galleries and picking out the specific kind of news you wish to read up on.

The New York Times: For people who want to read in-depth coverage and stories instead of simply one line news items, the New York Times app is the way to go. It comes with the ability to save the articles you like and read them later, or keep them to read when offline. Items can easily be shared with others and the overall interface makes this is winner and one of the best news apps for iPhone.

NPR News: The National Public Radio (NPR) has always been on the top when it comes to delivering radio news. With the iPhone app, users can get hourly news, listen to the more well known radio shows and stream live episodes as well. You can read up on the linked text articles and look up archived episodes and listen to them as well. This adds it to the list of best news apps for iPhone.

CNN Mobile: CNN leads in delivering video content for news and the iPhone app for the same is the best in the video news league. You can look at news clips from old shows, check out the breaking news items and look for local news and weather reports as well. The user interface is well made and will have users delighted with the ease of looking at their daily news.

MSNBC News: One of the best features of this app is that you get push notifications for your breaking news alerts, which can be turned off whenever you want. The news is relevant and provides a choice from NBC news shows as well. It covers video and text both, while having a simple user interface and becomes a definite choice from the best news apps for iPhone.

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