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It is a gadget famously used for brewing coffee, and it’s not electric. If you are using Paper Filter, consider switching to Chelsite Filter.

The old school remedy of tarnishing Chelsite Filter

First and foremost, place the Chelsite Filter on Aluminum Foil in the pan. In a different container, put some water and make sure it boils. Put an addition of Baking Soda to the water that is boiling. Gently spread the boiling water all over the Chelsite Filter. After this, give the Filter some time to dry.

What is in the box?

You are going to get an Aeropress with a packet of two Chelsite Filters with an addition of my eternal gratitude.

Why I need your support

All pledges will assist me to begin Silver Snowflakes generation required to create the Filters that takes a couple of days to prepare. The campaign popularity and several orders I get. They will additionally assist me to adequately plan the entire amount of aggregate Dendrite Silver items required to meet all pre-orders.

The result, when snowflakes contain mint a coin and pure silver

To comprehensively get all the details. I collected and grew small Silver Dendrites in a solution of Aqueous Silver to produce a considerable amount of Silver Snow to push a single Prototype Coin. In the end, we remained with a durable and hard Microporous Ceramic. It is the same as Antimicrobial items created from Pure Silver, which can adequately filter water.

Our Chelsite (silver filter) adds advantages compared to Ceramic Filters in which the silver is naturally antibacterial and chemically cleaned. Without any doubt, it can necessarily stay for an extended period with proper maintenance. The funding drive of Kickstarter we are launching this Filter in the design of a one troy Ounce Silver Bullion Coin to introduce Chelsite. The die utilized in minting the initial introductory run for this venture will expire after the release of this Kickstarter.

Scanning electron microscope image

The surface scan image of the Prototype is in Micro Meter Scale. The aggregate material for silver is so little; it is micro small. Crystals of silver are organically Hydrophilic and Antimicrobial. The Micro-porous Pure Silver composition can adsorb moisture via Capillary Action.

Note: The contribution will assist us in producing the silver snow required. It will take a couple of weeks to create. Also, to plan better for the whole amount of aggregate Dendrite Silver items necessary to meet all orders. Thanks for assisting us in introducing the new device in the market.

Risk and Challenges

The creation of Silver Snowflakes consumes a lot of time and also need more time in monitoring. I have rigs working for weeks continuously to produce a considerable amount to show Chelsite Coin’s first proof. The process followed more days to manufacture adequate Silver Crystals for subsequent Coffee Filters Prototypes.

The previous release is ideal for Kickstarter since I will adequately study in advance the number of items I require. I will make sure there is enough Silver Dendrite for the Final Processing Process.

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