Basic Principles of a Healthy Lifestyle

On Monday, April 25th, 2016

While I acknowledged the busy lifestyle of most parents today, I never truly understood it until I became a parent. Even reducing my hours by 20% and essentially putting my career on the mommy track, I find it sometimes easier to buy into the conveniences of the drive-through and packaged foods. My 14 month old has acquired a taste for mac & cheese from daycare that is starting to alarm me.

As a health blogger and someone who is generally interested in eating food and exercise for the last decade, I need to turn the course on this ship. While my husband might parrot my healthy lifestyle ideas, he reverts back to his true beer guzzling self every time he is given the opportunity.

There are three basic principles to follow for a lifetime of good health and I want to make sure I drill these ideas into Hazelnut’s head before she leaves for college.

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Let’s go back to the basics of a healthy lifestyle

The basic principles of a healthy lifestyle are:

    • Eat more fruits and vegetables
    • Move more
    • Eat less junk food

Everything else is just hype. Smoke and mirrors are fun, but not necessarily healthier than the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle. There is nothing sexy about these 3 basic concepts.

Look at the whole organic debate. Is a box of organic cookies healthier than a box of regular cookies? Hello, both boxes are cookies! Fancy food labeling are designed to confuse and make you part with your hard earned money.

I am not saying that organic is meaningless. I believe that some organic food is healthier for you than conventionally grown food. But when it comes down to whether you should buy organic ice cream or organic mac & cheese, well, junk food is still junk food, no matter how you label it.

The body is made for movement!

Hazelnut finds it hard to sit still for longer than 10 minutes. Like any active toddler, there is always something fun to do like pulling all the clothes out of her laundry basket or hiding her (clean) diapers all over the house (my girl has a diaper fetish). Her eyes light up when she sees a staircase because she loves climbing.

The human body is made for locomotion. Even as a baby, you know this. It is not made to sit in an office chair for several hours 5 days a week. Granted, you do what is necessary to provide for your family, but it does not mean you have to sit more than absolutely necessary.

Now go and play.

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