How to Choose the Perfect Car Based on Your Lifestyle

On Sunday, December 17th, 2017

When you are searching the perfect car for you, you have to consider both your finances and your personal preferences. However, there is a third thing you should consider: your lifestyle. Most people choose their cars based on what they like and how much they afford to spend on them.

A car is going to be your road partner for many years to come, so it needs to suit your lifestyle. Other aspects you need to consider are how expensive it will be to maintain your car and how well it suits your driving style.

Types of cars

There are four main car types out there, each one designed for a specific lifestyle. If you look even closer at the car’s details, you can extend these four types to seen types of cars. The main varieties of cars are coupes, which has two doors, and sedan, which has four doors, like Chevrolet Malibu.

Most sport cars are coupes. Sedans, like Chevrolet Malibu or Ford Explorer, have four doors, which makes them suitable for families or people who need to carry lots of things in their car.


The sedan is the most common type of car available. It has four doors and five seats. The trunk is separated from the cabin and has a windowless lid. These cars are spacious enough to carry up to five people, so they are very popular for singles and families.


A hatchback is a car with a trunk connected to the passengers’ cabin. This allows the driver to fold the last row of seats to create more space in the trunk area. There are two and four door hatchbacks, which have a window door for the trunk. Most hatchbacks offer the option to install a third row of seats, in the trunk area. In this category you will also find station wagons, which have the same characteristics as hatchbacks, but the roof is extended all the way to the trunk door. SW cars have four doors.


A coupe is a sports car with two doors. It can have two or four seats, but the back row of seats is not spacious, so it can only accommodate two kids or an adult. The trunk is not connected to the passengers’ cabin. Many coupe cars are also convertibles, which means they have a retractable roof, either made from a hard material, either made from fabric. Coupes and convertibles are suited for singles and couples.


Sport Utility Vehicles, known a SUVs, are large and powerful cars, with lots of cargo space. They can have two or three rows of seats, with the option to remove the last one. They are usually 4×4 and they can be drove off-road, thanks to their high ground clearance. They are great for large families and adventurers.

Pickup truck

A pickup truck can have two or four doors and has an open cargo area known as bed. Most of these cars have a single row of seats, which is a bench that can carry three adults, and two doors. It is suited for people who need to transport goods, not people.


The minivan can look similar to a SW or a hatchback, but it has a sliding door, for easier access to the rear seats. It can have two or three rows of seats, which are spacious enough to carry up to eight adults. The trunk is connected to the passengers’ cabin and has a window door. These cars are perfect for big families.

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