Choosing the Perfect Mascara – A Guide

On Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Coco Chanel once said that a woman cannot leave the house without makeup because she never knows when she’ll have a date with destiny.

Considering the batting of the eyelashes and its association with falling in love in modern culture, it seems that the mascara was exactly what Ms. Chanel had in mind. But how can we choose the right mascara with so many options on the market?

The first thing you need to do is determine what kind of lashes you have with regards to their length and volume. They could be short and thin, short and thick, long and thin, long and thick, or of course, somewhere in between. Also, are they straight or curled? Once you’ve placed your lashes in the specific categories, it is time to look at the types of mascaras available.

The Difference Between Mascaras

There are lengthening, volume-adding, water-proof and curling mascaras. What’s the difference between them? The difference is in the formula of the mascara, i.e. – the ingredients used in its creation. A lengthening mascara creates its effect by adding short, dense pieces to the tips of the lashes, thus increasing their length. The formula of a volume-adding mascara contains much more waxes and silicones than a regular mascara in order to add that extra thickness. Water-proof mascaras are made with special ingredients that keep moisture away – they can, however, be unhealthy for the lashes. Curling mascaras have ingredients that keep the lashes in place once they are arranged (like hair spray for lashes).

Mascara Brushes

The next big difference between the different types of mascaras (and a way for you to make sure that the mascara will do what it says on the label) is the brush. A curved brush will curl the lashes; a short brush with fewer bristles will separate the individual lashes and add length; a thick brush will add volume.

The so-called combination mascaras fall in a different category because they provide all three effects – curling, lengthening and volume. The catch here is that neither effect will be as strong – a combination mascara will slightly lengthen your lashes, curl them a little bit and add some volume.

Mascara Colors

Of course, there are also different mascara colors. You have the classic ones – black and brown, and then you have all other colors of the rainbow, including gold and silver, blue, red, pink, green, yellow, white, etc.

Knowing all the different types of mascaras and your lash type, you can now choose a product based on what you need it for. If you have short lashes add length, but if they are already long go for volume. If you want to look more natural, opt for a brown mascara, but if you want more oomph go for a strikingly black one. If you are going to a party or a club, you can choose a colourful mascara that will add to your outfit.

Does the Price of Mascara Matter?

The price, of course, is also a factor – you have the generic affordable brands sold at local supermarkets, and the high-end expensive brands sold at cosmetic stores. Keep in mind that the price is not a guarantee for safety or effect.

You can achieve a fantastic result with an affordable mascara, while an expensive one might cause an allergic reaction. The best way to approach the matter is to go to a big department store and try out a few products to see what works best with your face and eyes.

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