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On Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Home Remedies for Hair

Do you seek bouncy, shiny, healthy-looking hair but you can’t afford the costly products that celebrities and socialites use? The good news is, your days of buying expensive hair shining products are over. Simply walk to your refrigerator and find natural items that give your hair all day shine.


Able to retain moisture, honey gives your hair shine. Use it alone or add it to a deep conditioning treatment. You can even add it to fresh cream and use the mixture to provide shine.

Apply the honey to your hair as a mask. After applying it, wrap your hair in a towel or cover it with a shower cap. Rinse if after an hour and stand back in awe as you check out how much shine honey provides.


Closed hair cuticles reflect the light and increase shine. Vinegar, particularly apple cider vinegar, closes cuticles. That means vinegar equals shiny locks.

Several times a week, spray vinegar onto wet hair. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse for shiny results.


The oil, vinegar and egg in the mayo strengthen and moisturize your hair. Applying a thin layer of mayo helps the ends especially look and stay healthy. Let it sit for an hour, wash twice and rinse. Your hair will feel silky and soft as it shines.


As an ingredient in guacamole, avocados add nutrition and fiber to your diet. But you can also use them in your hair for added shine and reduced dandruff.

Simply mash the avocado and apply it to your hair. Rinse thoroughly. You may need to rinse several times in order to remove the fruit completely.

For a less messy regimen, try plain avocado oil.

Cold Water

You probably don’t take cold showers regularly, but consider giving your freshly-washed hair a quick burst with cold water before drying off. Like vinegar, cold water also closes your hair’s cuticles, which increases light reflection (and shine). It’s an affordable and easy way to improve your hair’s appearance without adding any extra hair care products.

You’ll also want to drink plenty of cold water during the day. Like contractors use contractor estimating software for job success, cold water is a key for shiny hair success.

Healthy Foods

Applying honey, avocado and cold water to your hair increases shine. But eating these and other healthy foods also ups the shine quotient.

Vitamin E is a main dietary ingredient that improves hair’s shine. You can find Vitamin E in nuts, seeds, asparagus, spinach, olives and other green leafy vegetables.

You’ll also want to decrease processed and fatty foods. They reduce your overall health and affect your hair’s appearance.

Store-bought hair care products give your hair gorgeous shine, but they can be expensive and often include unnatural ingredients. Instead, turn to your refrigerator where you’ll find natural products that keep your hair looking luxurious and shiny every day.

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