Get the Right Initial Treatment for Joint and Muscle Pains with Nyce Pack

On Saturday, November 23rd, 2019

Several people especially, the sportspersons, have gotten acute joint and muscular injuries at some point. The injuries have, at times, be troublesome to control or even grown to be chronic. Robert Baschnagel has invented a flexible thermal pack to provide you with simple, cold, or heat therapy to relieve your pain. Nyce Pack allows for the first treatment steps of acute joint and muscle injuries through heat and cold therapies.

Why heat and cold therapies?

The heat therapy is for relaxing muscles and soothing stiff joints before introducing physical therapy. The advantage with Nyce Pack, it provides the two therapies but at different times. For those people with muscle pulls, heat therapy is applied to warm up the tissue for further treatment.

Nyce pack also provides cold therapy. Cold therapy is very crucial for those injuries that seem to cause bleeding and inflammation. Nyce Pack is squeezed on the injury to reduce the swelling and stop bleeding.

In comparison with other thermal packs, Nyce Pack is easier to use in the two therapies above because it needs only one hand to be free. Once you wrap it around the injured part, the pack stays in place until you remove it. Another goodness with this thermal pack is that you can use it for all parts of the body without any danger. It can be comfortably be applied on the wrist, elbow, hand, knee, ankle, shoulder, head, neck, and back.

How is Nyce Pack designed                                                                      

Nyce Pack triumphs over others because of its exceptional patent-pending wire filament skeleton. The wires are very flexible and easily twisted to form the shape you desire; hence, it fits in any part of the body. The special wires also allow for one to exert some slight pressure on the injury to reduce any swelling or inflammation.

On the other hand, Nyce Pack contains a gel pack that is sensitive to temperature changes. The gel pack can be easily removed to cool it in a freezer for cold therapy or heat it in a microwave for heat therapy.

There is no need to have any additional towels while using this thermal pack. The Nyce pack is designed in a way that its cover is soft since it is made of breathable neoprene, which creates a very comfortable barrier between the skin and the pack.

Unlike other packs, Nyce Pack comes in two different sizes: smaller size and the larger one. The smaller-sized pack measures 16.5 inches by 6.5 inches; hence, it best suits the necks, ankles, and wrists while the larger one measures 16.5 inches to 12.5 inches creating more possibilities as it covers a large area. The smaller one is unique because it provides an instant solution to the pain in the areas where it is wrapped.

Who should use Nyce Pack?

Nyce pack provides an astounding solution to:

  • People who suffer from migraines
  • Children who have bruises, bumps, and scrapes
  • Seniors who have arthritis and joint pains
  • Travelers who are dealing with neck and lower back pain
  • The computer users who have wrist and hand pain

Nyce Pack has ripped a lot of benefits to many people, most of whom testify to confess about the best first aid and treatment they have met. Do not be left behind; buy your Nyce pack and suffer no more.

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