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On Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

Our story

The Macadamia House narrative began more than twenty years ago. It started in a serein South Africa farmland. These farmlands have an abundance of Macadamias, and it is the same place where Brendon, our co-founder, grew up. In 2019 Brandon visits the United States and is not happy with the expensive price and poor quality of the Macadamia (his lifestyle staple).

In a successful venture with his close friend and business partner (the second HOM co-founder) they came across an opportunity to help the neglected Macadamia farming communities based in South Africa. They endeavoured to get rid of expensive and unnecessary intermediaries. In the end, they had a vision of creating a real plant farm to the client table brand. In all these, there was a single piece that was still missing. Both knew that to develop the Macadamia Superfood, they must support and brand this product in the best way possible. They knew that being creative is the way to go. Werner, our final founder, could make snacks. Werner has broad experience and excellent skills in creating healthy and delicious snack foods all over the market of South Africa. Indeed, he was the missing link in the HOM puzzle.

Eventually, Macadamia House was born

Like different excellent start-ups, brand success is, in most cases, correlated directly to a team member’s quality. Addition to our three founders. The team of HOM now has Gemma, our head of marketing and resident creative thinker and James, our reliable Online Sales whizz. In simple terms, Werner Weber is the product Co-founder. Brendon Rogers is the co-founder of operations. Brandon Hiemstra is the co-founder of sales. Gemma Oberholzer is in charge of the entire marketing. James Shawe is the head of the whole e-commerce section.

Despite our different area codes and diverse backgrounds, we are a highly continent-defying and committed team of professionals who have a stable union. Additionally, they share a passion for purpose-driven and health entrepreneurship. We strive to create snacks that are plant-powerful. These new social norms will take charge of Macadamia leading the way.

Risks and challenges                                                                  

In House of Macadamia, we have a high level of dedication to come up with a brand, which will have a solid foundation that will exist for an extended period. However, a lot of unseen difficulties are there, but the ones that we already know. We will try to the best of our ability to counter them to deliver high-quality standards products.


1. Supply Chain

Lead times and logistics will require a proper management system. It will ensure the efficient delivery of products at the right time and appropriately manage all the capital expenditure.

2. Price Control

Even with solid relationships with farmers, it is hard to control the Macadamias price. Shortages because of international demand, bad harvest or drought might affect our business model and price.

3. Politics

Land claims on South Africa farmers are turning out to be more superior, and it is a potential risk to the life of the industry. Additionally, South Africa has attractive terms of trade with the United States, which might change over time.

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