Kick Fear To The Curb For A Healthier You

On Thursday, May 7th, 2015

Fear is one of the greatest obstacles in the path to health and success. It destroys your happiness and state of mind. It gives way to negative thoughts and destructive emotions.

Fear can cause havoc to your nervous system and in turn, keep you from health, success and happiness.

I’ve learned that successful people do not embrace fear; they shun it by developing a positive mindset through emotion and motion, and grasp onto faith and courage.

Those who are truly successful understand they can accomplish anything if they are able to throw out fear from their minds and their lives.

In and of itself, fear is the arch-nemesis to accomplishment. It paralyzes and destroys any type of initiative you may have; it erodes mental capacity.

Fear goes along with worry, and they feed off of each other. Worry gets you nowhere. Worry will not help you overcome difficulty, and it will keep you from succeeding. All it does is destroys your health, disrupts your well-being and makes it all the more difficult to find solutions to problems or challenges.

If you allow fear to take over, it will render you helpless.

As a single mom, I do not let fear enter my mind for that long. If it begins to creep in, I quickly change my mind-set.

A few years ago I allowed fear to creep in and stay in.

I made some not so smart choices in relationships and money matters.

I’ve learned that it does not matter how smart or educated you are. It does not matter where your station is in life is –

If you let fear get the best of you, it will destroy you.

I was at my lowest point in 2008 and it was because I let fear take over — and my self-esteem was shot to hell as well.

I spent a year in this state until I realized that unless I tossed fear out the window, there would be no success.  I could kiss my hopes, dreams and achievements goodbye.

The beginning of 2009, I took hold of the reigns, decided what I really wanted to do with my life.

First, I kicked a guy I was with to the curb (holy cow this guy was a loser — thee biggest regret in my life was getting into a relationship with him — and ever so often, my kids and I have a really good laugh over it).

And, second, I began developing a positive mindset and setting my sights on a brighter future!

If you live in fear, open paths will not be available to you and it will cause you to attract the exact things you may be afraid of or do not want, not to mention the wrong kinds of people.

Lack of faith and courage is in direct result to fear, anxiety, doom and anxiety. If you have faith in the power within you, all of that negativity will be forced to go away.

You have to understand that you hold the key to your future because everything that comes into your life is a result of your thoughts.

What you build upon today in positive thoughts and action will result in a better future. This holds true in building negative thoughts and taking no action, your chances of attaining a better future will be nonexistent. It goes back to the adage of reaping what you sow.

It is so important to place in your very core that you hold the power to your future. A positive mind-set can be life-changing.

Concentrating your mind, body, and soul on positive thoughts allows for a brighter future.  When you have the mindset that here is nothing to fear, then there is nothing to be uncertain about in your life. You must develop a positive mindset for good things to enter your life.

With this, you will move into a life of peace and abundance as you get control of your thoughts and place them with a higher power.

Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins has a couple of quotes on fear which I love — “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears” and “Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.”

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