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On Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

You think big and will always be concerned about the availability of storage space, especially when it about to vehicles. When it comes to safeguarding our personal, business or even service vehicles, it is essential to have more than just space.  Your vehicle needs the best-equipped space for storage and you need your vehicles to be near you. Vehicle storage not only offers space, it offers quality and experience in storage. And the best part is all you need to do to book is to call.

Your vehicle a collector’s item:

In the case of vehicles, this is a utilitarian good, which we often replace, without the previous one having deteriorated or lost value. Therefore, storing your vehicles in specially designed spaces for this is an investment in the short, medium and long-term. You will be able to store your vehicle in the short term during the seasons of the year when the weather is very harsh and you do not have enough space in your home. In the medium and long-term, protect your vehicle while it increases its value in the growing collector’s market.

For collectors, this vehicle that you no longer use or only use on special occasions represents a treasure that increases in value as the days go by.You don’t need to sell or give away that vehicle you love, just go to EZstorit’s public storage and you’ll find a place designed to protect your car and fit your budget.And if it’s your company’s vehicles, our storage offers the best prices and the most appropriate locations.

We protect your vehicles 24/7

All of our storage is constantly monitored by CCTV cameras on and fully operational 24/7. Your vehicle will be protected against theft, bad weather and even any fortuitous event 365 days a year. You will only have to take care of moving your vehicle to the storage area. We make everything easier for you.

You can select from storage covered, uncovered and enclosed. All of them have the necessary security to guarantee the well-being of your vehicle. And the size of the storage? The size adapts to your needs from 20´, 35´ and up to 50´. Renting a public storage is very easy and allows you to find the most suitable place to store your vehicle in any of our units. Go to https://ezstorit.com/Orlando-FL-vehicle-storage, select the public storage nearest you and you can even follow the location map. In a few minutes you will have the most suitable place to store your vehicle. For only $1 the first month.

Payment method designed for your convenience

Open your online account at public storage and choose the payment method that suits you best. You will have several options. Automatic payment allows you to forget about monthly payments, as the cost of your storage will be automatically debited from your bank account, VISA®, MasterCard®, Discover®, or American Express® when your bill is due. You can also make your payments online or from your mobile phone. You even make payments by mail by sending a check or money order. Or, if you prefer, you can pay in person by indicating your account number and storage location.

All designed for your comfort and the safety of your vehicle.

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