“Pull and Twist” – A new eco-friendly product by Ready Go Planet

On Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

“Pull and Twist” is a new, innovative device developed by Ready Go Planet that freshens up the bathroom and reduces the excessive use of toilet paper. For too long, households have experienced unnecessary wastage of toilet paper because of the oversized diameter of the inside of the roll. “Pull and Twist” is designed to solve that problem to reduce the excessive abuse of the paper roll. “Pull and Twist”  is a two-in-one device as it helps to freshen up your bathroom while assisting the users to save toilet paper. This innovative product allows families to save money and protect the environment.

“Pull and Twist” uses a simple, special spring mechanism that auto-adjusts the diameter of the tissue roll, allowing you to efficiently use the number of sheets of paper you’ll need.  

Advantages of the “Pull and Twist” device

Save money – “Pull and Twist” distributes the toilet paper roll in a manner that ensures reasonable use of the paper roll.

Protect the environment -It’s no secret that our planet needs to be protected, with climate change already wreaking havoc on our ecosystems, “Pull and Twist” comes in handy to help us preserve the environment for future generations.

Keeps your bathroom smelling good – Keeping your bathroom smelling good can be a challenge, especially with the many ineffective air fresheners in the market these days. “Pull and Twist” comes with spring time scented clips which are inserted inside the device, so each time you pull, you’ll freshen up your bathroom. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to air fresheners.  Along with making your bathroom a pleasant space, this device helps households to save money on buying air fresheners.

“Pull and Twist” is packaged in various quantities to allow consumers to choose one that suits their needs and budget. The “Pull and Twist” duo pack kit comes with two Pull and Twist devices and two bonus promo spring time scented clips to insert inside the device for freshening up your bathroom. The “Pull and Twist” duo pack goes for $14. This kid is absolutely affordable for households looking for a way to reduce excessive abuse of toilet paper roll and save the environment.

There is also the one house kit that includes three Pull and Twist devices and three bonus promo spring time scented clips. This kit goes for $20, a price that is affordable for just about anyone. Ready Go Planet has developed this device to offer households incredible benefits at the lowest price possible.

Ready Go Planet also offers the family and friends kit, which is ideal for households with many bathrooms. This kit includes five Pull and Twist devices and five bonus promo spring time scented clips. The family and friends kit costs just $30.

With “Pull and Twist,” households can save up to 50% of toilet paper consumption while protecting the environment. This device offers the best value for money, contributes to environmental protection, and guarantees a better future for us all.

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