This is Why You Should be Stalking Your ex on Social Media

On Friday, December 22nd, 2017

Everyone says you should not be stalking your ex. They say it’s a bad, destructive habit, which fuels your heartbreak pain. While this is true, there are also some reasons why checking up on your former boyfriend can actually be good for you. There are times when you need to see certain things for yourself, in order to move on from an old relationship.

It stops you from over-analyzing

After a breakup you tend to over-analyze what lead to the end of the relationship. This is very destructive and it brings more pain, instead of relief. You are going to turn into a critic, finding loads of things you’ve been guilty for. You will probably start thinking the relationship would have worked out if you would have done things differently. Putting your ex’s name in a people search engine will put you face to face with the reality: they are not having second thoughts about the breakup. Seeing that your ex moved on is going to be painful at first, but then it will help you acknowledge the fact it’s over and you need to move on as well.

It stops you from pity your ex

Your poor ex probably needs a shoulder to cry on, after losing their promotion. The reality is they don’t! And social media can show this very clear. Stalking an ex can stop you from being compassionate about someone who doesn’t deserve it. This will also prevent you from feeling remorse and generally, feeling bad about yourself for the breakup.

They are living in the online

An important lesson you can learn by stalking your ex is that life happens offline. If they have loads of photos on social media, they might look like having fun, but… who has time for posting when they are really having fun? The more posts online, the less fun offline.

You regain your confidence

When you check on your ex and you see they had the time of their life at the local pub, while you were promoted, your self-esteem is going to have a sudden boost. After a breakup, you are going to lose your confidence, but if you will see that your ex’s biggest achievement is going to a rock concert, while you are moving on with your life is going to restore your confidence.

From this point of view, stalking an ex is like therapy.

The bad side about it

You can’t be better, until you’ve been worse. When you will see your ex with someone else for the first time, you will feel it’s the end of the world. It’s definitely one of the worst things in life, especially if you still love your former partner. But, at the same time, it’s helpful. You get a reality check, seeing that your ex is not even suffering after the breakup.

Stalking therapy is tough at first, but after a while it helps you overcome the breakup and face the reality of ending a relationship that was bad for you. After all, this is the point: if you would be good with that relationship, it wouldn’t have ended. It ended because it was not for you, so there is something better in your future.

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