Summer Fashion Trend: Bohemian Braids and Hair Accessories

On Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

When you dream about summer, you might picture laying out on a sandy beach, reading the books you haven’t had the chance to get to (or a giant stack of fashion magazines), sipping a colorful tropical drink with an umbrella, letting go and letting your long hair down to allow the salty air to create the perfect surfer waves.

There’s only one flaw in this picture, and it’s not the inevitability that sand will get into your books and drink- it’s the salt air plus your hair.

Hair Products:

We use enough hair products on a daily basis in even the most normal of weather to know that it would take a styling miracle or some super glue to save our strands from the salt air.

The shelves of drugstores and salons are overflowing with products that claim to control frizz and tame humidity; maybe some products work.

How many products will you have to try to even find one that works? You certainly can’t trust the labels on the bottles, and product reviews, though insightful, don’t take into account that all women’s hair is different.

Are there other ways to fight frizz?

Tight Braids Give You Less to Worry About:

Following your normal hair routine then braiding your hair inside can help keep your hair in control once you hit the beach. Be sure to braid your hair when you wake up in in the air conditioning before exposing it to salt air.

The size and number of braids you put into your hair should depend on the thickness of your hair. If your hair is extremely thick, for instance, you should create many smaller braids.

If you don’t like the look of braids, you may want to try some other hair accessories.

Purchase a Hair Accessory to Hide Your Hair From Humidity and be Trendy at the Same Time:

There’s been an explosion in hair accessory trend that designers have been happy to fulfill. We asked for them to supply more than just a thin flimsy headband; they delivered.

There a variety of headbands: thicker cloth headbands, turbans, headpieces made from metal, wreaths made from fake or real flowers- even “threadwraps”- strands of thread with different textures and details that you can either braid into your hair or clip to your hair extensions!

At least with a headband you can prevent a few strands from flying away.

Going to the beach is a right of summer passage; it would be a shame to miss out on a good time because you’re worried about how humidity will affect your hair.

If you have a list of products that work for you such as gothic silver jewelry– do share!

If not, keep your hair in control with braids or distract fellow sunbathers with a trendy bohemian hair accessory!

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