Why World Falling in Love with Pakistani Dramas

On Monday, February 1st, 2016

Dramas are the source of entertainment for the people especially for the women who stay all the time at their homes. They need to be entertained in some way and one of them may be the TV dramas. As the Pakistani dramas are the best to be entertained, they love to watch the dramas. Not only the Pakistani women are in love with the dramas but our neighboring countries are also falling for our dramas. From this love for the dramas you can imagine the popularity of Pakistani dramas all over the world. We and all people enjoy Pakistani serials because of


  1. Sensible stories

People love to watch the Pakistani serials as they are most sensible than the other meaningless stories which depict the materialistic things, fashion, unconditional love and saas-bhau based stories. Pakistani dramas always have something new to watch and lessons for the viewers which is the need of today’s world.

  1. The beautiful Urdu language

The beautiful Urdu language has made our dramas to be watchable. Heart touching dialogues, syllables and the actor’s way to convey the message, makes the drama more appealing.

  1. Handsome guys and beautiful ladies

Great actors in the dramas and their talent of acting force the viewers to watch the dramas. The smooth, natural and attractive acting of our actors has made our dramas popular worldwide.

  1. Comedy in the dramas

If we talk about our comedy drama serials they are best too and our comedians in the dramas put all their efforts to make people feel happy. Only the legal and good kind of comedy is put into the dramas not the stupid and the rubbish stuff which people find embarrassed to watch.

  1. Content of our dramas

Content of our dramas is less and the story of the scripts is not too long. Very accurate, limited and information based dramas are produced. The story is not like that it covers generations and generations and still the drama has no end. In simple they do not drag the stories for years and years.

  1. Serials are not on glamour and style

By all means our dramas are shorter and less complicated. They do not have high focus on glamour and style but is all about the content. No luxurious life is shown all the real life stories are depicted in our dramas.

  1. The stories relate to the life

People like to watch the stories which can be relate to their lives. Pakistani serials follow the same stories that everyone can relate to, can laugh and can cry with. And all this is found in Pakistani dramas.

The worth of Pakistani TV dramas can never be neglected. You can find all watchable stuff in Pakistani dramas which are the requirements of the entertainment. This is why the dramas and our actors are getting the love in the neighboring countries. So we can say that Pakistani dramas are great and are really to be appreciable so that the Pakistani writers and directors work for more dramas that make Pakistan TV industry proud.

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