You Can Fight Aging By Doing Mind Body Fitness

On Monday, July 27th, 2015

When it comes to trying to fight aging and the stresses that come with life, it’s essential that you get quiet space where you can relax not only your mind, but your body as well.

Many women either don’t realize or ignore that stress is a huge factor in the progression of aging.

When you begin a mind and body exercises program to fight aging, you will begin to see your body as a whole, and experience a new found sense of calmness. Western cultures are gradually turning more and more towards this type of fitness as people are beginning to become more aware of the benefits.

People in general just don’t treat their body as a whole — if you experience pain you most likely reach for a bottle of pain medicine. The concept of mind and body fitness that if you’re experiencing pain, it is generally because your entire body needs attention.

Although not for everyone, Yoga and Pilates done on a consistent basis are two ways beneficial for getting your mind and body to work in harmony. Unfortunately for me, even though I know the benefits, I have a difficult time being consistent with Yoga.

Regardless what you choose to do, moving your body is key. This is actually one aspect of the mind body anti-aging mentality, which involves training your mind to move beyond staying fit in order to age as gracefully as you can.

A consistent schedule of active anti-aging mind-body-fitness such as  Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi or other mind body activities such walking meditation (something I really enjoy), you will develop more of holistic approach to health, as well as aging.

In doing this, perhaps the next time you get sick, you will try to heal from within first, instead of reaching for that umpteenth dose of ibuprofen.

If you are in touch with your body, this will greatly reduce many issues because you will begin to know your body better and what it takes to feel better.

What are your thoughts on holistic/mind-body fitness healing?

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